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I have really crazy dreams.

So I’m just going to copy paste this from Skype, so just keep in mind this was my telling 7 about my dream k

Okay, so, it was sort of, a typical life of me and you being together. Everyday for the longest time we would take a train to this same station together, but things would always go weird. I would get attacked by someone, or someone would try to force me to do something that seemed really out of the oridinary, or vise versa I would attack someone, etc. Basically everyone was trying to get me to pass this certain part of the station, forcefully so, idk, but I refused to do it. One day, I think it was Valentine’s day, you set up this massively beautiful display of just, gifts and sweet things it was all very romantic, but then something happens and it all gets messed up by one of the people who had previously given me trouble at the station
I get really angry and follow them on the next train to the station. This time I cross the point that the really peculiar people had been trying to, and things get really weird. Like trippy. Things start falling appart, and I attack the girl who pushed me to cross and kill her. I go back to the platform, trying to get a ticket for the next train, which is arriving shortly. I call you, frantically, saying that I messed up and would be back in around an hour and I just needed to take this next train. You’re acting really weird though and tell me that we haven’t been together on a train in years. After you say that the station disapears, you tell me not to panic and that you’ll be there as soon as you can, now I’m in a completely unfamiliar place, but with all of the strange people once again. A few children, some girl my age, a few other, and there’s a security gard to. And I found out I had been locked away for being skitzo for a few years.

AFTER THIS I basically start freaking out about you I’m like, no, every day I ride that train and do this and this and then we ride back that’s  how it always has been, until (whoever it was I can’t remember) points out how strangely alienated I felt at the station, and how I would always get lost and not see you until we met back up for the trainride home. So I’m starting to believe whats going on etcetc

well in short, I’m about to be killed, along with a bunch of other people, LIKE THIS IS SOME MIDEVAL SHIT EXICUTION IDK WTF WAS GOING ON, anyway, to me it was everyone tied up in a bag, wedged into a wheel of a stopped train, it was just waiting for it to start up and crush us to death
as I die everything changes again. I’m being let out and I see you, you’re taking me home for the first time in years.

Posted: Tue January 15th, 2013 at 2:16am
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